Post-Vaccination Relief

Before their second birthday, babies may undergo up to 20 vaccinations, essential for shielding them from once-common, severe diseases. This is a lot and for many new parents, the distress of watching their baby receive immunisation shots can be overwhelming. Here are some effective methods parents can use to provide post-vaccination relief for their babies:

1. Feed Your Baby

Offering a feeding session can help alleviate vaccination pain. Research suggests that babies who breastfeed during vaccinations tend to cry less (Source: NCBI). According to paediatricians, the ability of babies to focus on immediate needs allows them to transition swiftly from pain to the comfort of feeding. However, to minimise the risk of vomiting during the injection, feeding your baby after vaccination is advisable instead of during it.

post-vaccination relief

2. Use Numbing Creams

Topical agents that numb the skin can reduce your baby’s discomfort (but they might take up to an hour to work). Cooling sprays that provide instant numbing may also help. Consult your doctor regarding the availability of numbing creams, especially if concerned about Tdap vaccine pain.

3. Gentle Massage

Another post-vaccination relief method is to massage the area near the injection site gently. This will distract and comfort your baby as studies suggest that even a brief 10-second massage can significantly reduce pain. Just ensure that you don’t apply too much pressure.

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4. Try Sugar Water

According to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), administering a small amount of sugar water before vaccinations can help mitigate pain, particularly in babies under six months old. Alternatively, dipping a pacifier in sugar water and allowing your baby to suckle during the injection can provide relief.

5. Consider Using Paracetamol

Giving your child acetaminophen (Panadol or Paracetamol) before vaccination may reduce post-injection pain and fever. Paediatricians recommend this as a pre-emptive measure for post-vaccination relief.

By implementing these tips, you can minimise post-vaccination discomfort and ensure a smoother experience for you and your little one. Your baby’s comfort is paramount, and with your love and support, they can easily breeze through their vaccinations. For further advice, please consult your baby’s paediatrician.

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