Five Embarrassing Men's Health Questions

Many men don’t bother to visit their doctor until they are faced with an acute health problem. To them, preventive health is meaningless until something noticeable on their body breaks, like their nose, or when an important organ fails to function properly. Even at that, they are not always willing to ask questions when they have a health concern because they consider it too embarrassing. This isn’t healthy but the reasons behind such attitudes will be treated some other time. For now, here are five embarrassing men’s health questions and the answers to them.

Why do I have ‘boobs’?

Gynecomastia, also known as “manboobs” is a sign of obesity and a low ratio of testosterone/oestradiol. The cause of this condition is unknown but sometimes, (though rarely), liver or kidney disease may be the culprit. It’s better to check and be sure.

Why is it so itchy down there?

‘Jock itch’ is very common in men and is often due to fungal infection. It’s embarrassing but there are effective antifungal treatments that guys can buy over the counter. Also, ensure good hygiene, and change into clean, dry clothing, particularly after working out.

Why is there blood in my semen?

Blood in the semen (also known as hematospermia) may be caused by obstruction, trauma or inflammation. It can also be caused by an infection of the penis, urethra, or prostate.

Why is there blood in my urine?

Typically, a kidney infection, trauma to the urethra, urinary tract infection, and kidney stones can be possible causes of sighting blood in the urine. This is called haematuria and it makes your urine to look bright red, pink or rusty brown coloured.

Why do I fail to get an erection?

Most men experience difficult penile issues at one time or another. This could be a result of poor diet, high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, low testosterone levels, and excessive drug consumption. It could also be a sign of heart disease.

So, now that we’ve answered a few embarrassing men’s health questions, we encourage you to embrace curiosity instead of shame. Your health must be more important than your pride and ego. Speak out.

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